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Subjective term relating to expectations by the customer, printer, and other professionals associated with a printing job and whether the job meets those expectations.

Quarter Binding:

Using one material for a book's front and back covers and a different material for its spine (e.g., cloth covers with leather spine).


A - quarter on a visual tone value. See also: midtone.


-(1) Sheet folded twice, making pages one-fourth the size of the original sheet. A quarto makes an 8-page signature. (2) Book made from quarto sheets, traditionally measuring about 9' x 12'.


The order in which documents are to be printed by the computer.

Quick Printer:

Printer whose business attitude emphasizes basic quality, small presses, and fast service.

Quick Printing:

Printing using small sheetfed presses, called duplicators, using cut sizes of bond and offset paper.


The display language interface for Apple Macintosh systems. QuickDraw printers are compatible only with Macintosh systems and do not offer the performance and features available with Adobe PrintGear printers.


5% - (1/20) of a paper ream. The quantity varies from 24 sheets (coarse papers), to 25 sheets (fine papers).


Price offered by a printer to produce a specific job.

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