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Term Definition
M (Megabyte):

One million bytes.

M Weight:

Weight of 1,000 sheets of paper in any specific size.


(1) The abbreviation for "one thousand." 2) Magenta, one of three subtractive primary colors in process printing.

Machine Coated:

Paper which is coated one or two sides on a paper machine.

Machine Direction:

An alternate term for grain direction.

Machine Finish:

A paper finish that results from the interaction of the paper with the Fourdrinier process as opposed to post machine embossing. Reference, Fourdrinier

Machine Glazed (MG):

Paper holding a high-gloss finish only on one side.

Machine Readable:

Refers to the scanning of barcode symbology by a laser scanner or similar device. This is also referred to as Scanability.

Machinemade Paper:

Paper made on a very rapid running machine called a "Fourdrinier", producing consistent quantities of sheets or rolls.

Magenta Screen:

A dyed contact screen, used for making halftones.


One of the four process colors.

Magnetic Black:

Black pigments containing black iron oxides, used for magnetic ink character recognition.

Magnetic Ink:

A magnetized ink that can be read by electronic machines. Used in check printing.

Magnetic Storage:

Any disk, film, tape, drum, or core that is used to store digital information.


An optical device used to observe very small details. Used for quality control. See also: linen tester; loupe.

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