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Inside back cover.


(International Color Consortium) A group working to establish a "color profile format" for the exchange of information between color management systems.


A simplified graphic element created to suggest an idea or topic is called an icon. Icons are used to categorize and index ideas and content.


The Image Control Strip; a file used as an imposition mark to help monitor plate processing


Pictures used to symbolize an idea. (e.g., using "?" to represent "Need help?" or "Have a question?")


Inside front cover.

  1. The use of light on a subject. 2. The medieval art of decorating book pages with colorful ornamental figures or applying gold leaf to the edges of books.

Items such as logos that are created within a computer drawing program that are object orientated, as distinct from images that have been scanned or captured digitally that are bitmapped.

Image Area:

The actual area on the printed matter that is not restricted to ink coverage,

Image Assembly:

Alternate term for Stripping.

Image Elements:

An image element can comprise of anything that has been scanned or digitised and is available for use in a computer application.

Image Limit (Image Area):

The maximum area in which an image can be printed.

Image Wear:

Sharpening of the plate image verified by disappearance of fine lines, loss of print clarity and detail and printing becoming weak and streaked


Type, illustration, or other original as it has been reproduced on computer screen, film, printing plate, or paper.


Laser output device using photosensitive paper or film.

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