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Galley Proof:

Proof of type from any Source, whether metal type or photo type. Also called checker and slip proof.

Galley Slave:

Old term for compositor.

  1. Unaltered phototypesetter output, usually single columns of type on photographic paper, serving as preliminary proofs. 2. Final image or typeset copy output directly to film or photographic paper 3. Initially, a long, shallow tray for storing and proofing handset type.

(1) A measure of contrast in photographic images. Film types are listed as creating certain gamma ranges appropriate to different uses. 2) In electronic color correction, the difference in the status of the color curves. The color curve represents highlight to shadow values between current values and corrected values. Changing the color curve (making a gamma correction) increases or decreases the highlights, midtones, and shadows relative to the original points on the curve.


A bast fiber from the gampi tree used in Japanese papermaking to yield a smooth, strong sheet.


The entire range of perceived color that may be obtained under specified conditions.

Gang Scanning:

Scanning several images at once.


(1) To halftone or separate more than one image in only one exposure. (2) To reproduce two or more different printed products simultaneously on one sheet of paper during one press run. Also called combination run.

Ganged (To Gang):

The grouping of two or more versions on a press sheet for greater efficiency.


The bundling of two or more different printing projects on the same sheet of paper.

Gate Fold:

A sheet that folds where both sides fold toward the gutter in overlapping layers.


An electronic connection between two different networks.


To assemble signatures into the proper sequence for binding.


Signatures assembled next to each other in the proper sequence for binding, as compared to nested. Also called stacked.


Assembling all the signatures in order. See also: assembling; collate; inserting.

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