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Film emulsion side down.

Easter Egg:

A hidden "surprise" in a program or Web site, such as a message or an extra level in a computer game.

Edge Acuity:

The degree to which the edge of an image appears sharp and precise, not fuzzy. Uniform ink coverage will positively affect an image's edge acuity.

Edge Gilding:

The utilization of gold leaf to coat page borders.

Edge Lift:

The tendency of the edge of a label to rise off the substrate. This condition occurs most frequently on small diameter curved substrates. Resistance to edge lift is dependent upon bond strength of the adhesive and flexibility of the face material.

Edge Staining:

Using various pigment(s) on a document, pamphlet or book’s finished edge.


Electronic Document Interchange. Used in SAP. The electronic communication of business transactions, such as orders, confirmations and invoices, between organizations. Third parties provide EDI services that enable organizations with different equipment to connect. Although interactive access may be a part of it, EDI implies direct computer to computer transactions into vendors' databases and ordering systems.


To alter information in form or substance.

Edition Binding:

Creating hardcover books by gluing cover material to a stiff, board-like substrate which is then attached to the book's endpapers. Other Term: edition binding.


One version of a publication, specific, for example, to a date or geographic area.

EDP/Electronic Data Processing:

Data processing by electronic equipment. Pressure sensitive labels produced for imprinting on the equipment incorporate in-line hole punching. This product category encompasses all pinfeed fanfolded items produced by CDL.

Eggshell Finish:

The finish of paper surface that resembles an eggshell achieved by omitting the calendar process. Reference, calendar rolls.

Electron Beam Coating:

A clear coating that dries when exposed to an electron radiation. Electron beam coatings are generally glossy when cured and very durable.

Electronic Color Correction:

Using a computer system to adjust, change or otherwise alter or manipulate a color image. Examples include changing a CMYK image to RGB or vice versa, retouching, adjusting color balance, color saturation, contrast, etc.

Electronic Color Scanner:

An electronic device similar to a photocopier that converts a physical color image into four separate, single color images, one for each of the three process colors plus black. The four digital images are used to create four printing plates. When the four ink colors are combined on the printing substrate a full color reproduction of the original is produced.

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