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Term Definition

Announcement envelope which is open side seam with a square flap.


An abbreviation for artwork.

A4 Paper

ISO paper size 210 x 297mm used for Letterhead.


Author's Alterations. At the proofing stage, changes that the client requests to be made concerning original art provided. AA's are considered an additional cost to the client usually.


Abbreviation for Audit Bureau of Circulation, an organization that complies statistics on circulation.

Abrasion Resistance

The resistance to scratching of a surface of paper by other paper surfaces or other materials.


A material's ability to take up liquids or vapors (e.g., water).


In paper, the property that causes it to take up liquids or vapors in contact with it. In optics, the partial suppression of light through a transparent or translucent material.


Abbreviation for Author's Correction(s)

Accordion Fold

A pair or more of parallel folds forming alternating peaks and valleys. The result resembles an accordion bellows. Alternative term: fanfold.


A transparent sheet placed over originals or artwork, allowing the designer to write instructions and or indicate a second color for placement.

Acetate Base

A transparent clear or colored plastic film used to create overlays. Also used as a stripping base.


The non-colors... black, white and gray.

Acid dyes

Commercial dyes used for nylon, wool, silk, acrylic, polypropylene and blends of these fibers, so called because they are applied to fabric in organic or inorganic acid dyeing solutions.

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