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Drawing Program:

A drawing program (which is very different from a Paint program) creates objects (lines, circles, squares etc) by using mathematical formulae (rather than an array of coloured dots (or pixels) on the screen, as in a Paint program). Each object you draw is a separate entity - you can go back and change the object's size, the line thickness, the colour, the shape; you can move it around, delete it, position it back or in front of another object and then change that position, etc. Because the objects are conbstructed by formulae rather than by turning on/off certain pixels, the image will print at the maximum resolution of your output device - it will output at 300 dpi on a 300 dpi laser writer and 1270 on an imagewriter. A bitmapped - or paint - image, on the other hand, will always print at the resolution in which it was created. If you enlarge or reduce the bitmapped image, it will become distorted.

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