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Term Definition

Sticking two surfaces together by chemical or mechanical means.


A substance capable of holding materials together by surface attachment.

Adhesive Bleed

A Condition in which adhesive has oozed out from under the edge of a label, through a split in the liner or face, or through the edge of a sheet of stock. See Cold Flow. Also see Ooze.

Adhesive Cold Temperature

An adhesive that adheres to refrigerated or frozen substrates generally 35°F or colder.

Adhesive High Temperature

An adhesive designed for temperature exposure up to 450°F.

Adhesive Opaque

A darkened adhesive that restricts printing from showing through the adhesive-coated side of a label.

Adhesive Pattern Gummed

An adhesive coating that alternates strips of adhesive with strips of non-adhesive running parallel with machine direction. Often this non-adhesive area is used as a Lift Tab. (e.g.. P1-35PB.)

Adhesive Permanent

An adhesive characterized by having a high ultimate adhesion. Either cannot be removed intact, or requires a great deal of effort to remove.

Adhesive Pressure Sensitive

Always tacky, it is classified as either a permanent or removable depending upon it's adhesion value. Can adhere to a variety of surfaces depending upon it's adhesion value. Can adhere to a variety of surfaces upon contact coupled with hand pressure.

Adhesive Removable

Pressure sensitive adhesive characterized by low ultimate adhesion. Can be removed intact from most surfaces, generally without adhesive residue.

Adhesive Residue

Pressure sensitive adhesive that is left behind on a surface after a label is removed.

Adhesive Rubber Based

A pressure sensitive adhesive derived from natural or synthetic rubbers. This adhesive type is used on our pinfeed and thermal transfer labels.

Adjustable Die Cut

Adjustable envelope die used to cut OECS or OSSS from pre-trimmed paper.

Adobe Acrobat

Suite of applications to create and view PDF files.

Adobe RGB (1988)

Definition The RGB working space created by Adobe Systems that provides a fairly large gamut of colors and is well suited for documents that will be converted to CMYK.

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