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Digital Color Printing

Digital output directly to a production colour output device via a RIP device. Differs from regular printing where an original document is output on a regular printer (laser or dot-matrix) and then put on the copier or press for reproduction.

Digital Color Proof

A color produced from digital data without the need for separation films.

Digital Dot

Dot created by a computer and printed out by a laser printer or imagesetter. Digital dots are uniform in size, as compared to halftone dots that vary in size.

Digital Plates

Printing plates that can be exposed by lasers or other high-energy sources driven by digital data in a platesetter.

Digital Printing

A form of printing where micro-sized droplets of dye are placed onto the desired substrate through an inkjet printhead. The print system software interprets the data supplied by a digital image file to control the droplet output so that the image quality and color control may be achieved.

Digital Proof

Color separation data is digitally stored and then exposed to color photographic paper creating a picture of the final product before it is actually printed.

Digital Proofing

Page proofs produced through electronic memory transferred onto paper via laser or ink-jet.

Digital Type

Type whose font characters are stored in a typesetter√Ęs computer as digital information.


To turn something from the real (analogue) world into digital data that can be stored in and manipulated by a computer. You might use a scanner to digitise pictures or text.

Digitized Typesetting

In typographic imaging, the creation of typographic characters and symbols by the arrangement of black-and-white spots called pixels or pels.


A computer peripheral device that converts an analog signal (images or sound) into a digital signal. With an image, the digitizer sends position information to the computer, either on command from the user (point digitizing) or at regular intervals (continuous digitizing). Digitizers are available in various sizes, ranging from tabletop models (digitizer pads) to large stand-alone units.

Dimensional Stability

The qualities of paper to stabilize its original size when undergoing pressure or exposed to moisture.


Typefaces that consist of symbol characters such as decorations, arrows and bullets.


A fine paper made specifically for the printing of diplomas, certificates and documents.

Direct Digital Color Proof

Color proof made by a laser, ink jet printer or other computer-controlled device without needing to make separation films first. Abbreviated DDCP.

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